Founded in 2005 by Sergio Orduña, sostudio develops architectural and interiors design from an avant garde approach, committed to create innovative projects attentive not only to succeed on bringing the best functional solutions, but to the aspiration of transcending as an expressive and emotional proposal of living the spaces we inhabit.


Develop and construction of Architectural and urbanism projects

Develop and construction of interior design and remodeling projects

Vast experience on Residential, commercial and office spaces projects

Custom furniture and decorative elements, design and manufacture

Graduated from ISCYTAC, La Salle Laguna University in 1991, Sergio Orduña focuses his activities in the fields of architecture and interiors design, working mainly in Mexico City and Cancun, where he currently resides and heads the sostudio architectural atelier, offering total solutions in design.


Egresado de la Universidad La Salle Laguna en 1991, Sergio Orduña enfoca sus actividades en el campo de la arquitectura y el diseño de interiores, trabajando principalmente en la Ciudad de México y Cancún, donde actualmente reside y dirige el taller de arquitectura Sergio Orduña Architects, ofreciendo soluciones integrales en diseño.