Yoshida House

Unusual contrast of shapes and materials takes place in this house designed by cancun based firm sergio orduña architects.


Responding to the clients`demand for “a modern house with local character”, the project combines deconstructive architecture with selected local materials and techniques, as tropical hardwood and uneven wooden rod louvers, carefully applied to crucial elements, creating an imprevisible atmosphere.


The two floors layout of the project combines round and triangular shapes, developing into the continuity of these forms in and outside with angled columns, walls and ceilings that distribute the different areas in chaotic harmony of double height spaces, a tree surrounded by a helicoidal staircase leading to the mezzanine tv room viewing to the double height and so on.


Round oversized steps floating on a water pond lead to the main entrance door, dividing the west facade composition in two elements of contrasting shapes and materials. The left volume is an angled white wall elongated to the right upper corner ending in a pyramidal ceiling dome emphasizing the entrance. A triangular shape unfolds like a wing to cover the three cars garage.


The right volume holds the living room with an inverted cone in raw concrete crowned by another cone inserted into the inside.

Both elements in the facade have only a triangular window at ground level for illumination purposes.


Northeastern facade shows the same basic concept of two elements, but this time linked by the master bedroom balcony and large window panels overseeing the pool and garden areas.


The plot of land is surrounded by green common areas that merge with the house garden where two native trees were saved and considered as focal elements for the views from every main area.

Architectural Project

Sergio Orduña Architects


Lagos del Sol "Residential gated community", Cancun, Mexico




2016 - 2017

Building Size

3,767.36 ft2


Finished Projects